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Technical issues?

We might have a few technical difficulties during our beta stages. If you have difficulty using our App at any time, please let us know.

Got Suggestions?

We are working hard to make Pass Da Mic more fun and enjoyable to use. Pass Da Mic was built for you and we would love to get your suggestions of how to make your experience better. Email us your Ideas of what you would like to see improved or added to the App.

Media Inquiries?

Are you a journalists, blogger, or reporter? We'd love the opportunity to speak with you about Pass Da Mic. We will turn the music up and give you a freestyle interview. Email us and we can schedule.

Business inquiries

You wanna partner with us? We are all ears! Email us and let's get it done.

Jobs with Pass Da Mic

Sorry folks, Currently we don't have any positions available right now. Keep checking our site to see if anything comes up.