About Us

Do you have friends that swear up and down they have music skills? They are wanting you to listen to them sing or freestyle and you want to laugh so hard, but don't wanna hurt their feelings. Introducing PASS DA MIC!! This app was created for all the ⭐️STARS to show off their musical talents to the world.. Let others tell them to PASS DA MIC, so you don't have to.

We know talent when we hear it! Some people don't want to hear the truth. Put your talents to the test and record a 30 second video and see what others think.
Behind the Pass Da Mic name

If your talents aren't up to par, viewers will tell you to Pass Da Mic. Don't get down on yourself. If your passion is creating music, keep posting and use the Pass Da Mic's as motivation to try harder.



Tony enjoys listening to rap music while sweeping and mopping the floors. He is a graduate from UNLV with a passion for business and helping young people achieve their goals. He is the Undisputed Champion in the game of Monopoly and hopes to open doors for others in the future.